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Thursday, August 28, 2014


Music is a major form of performing auditory art which gives us pure entertainment from certain organized sound. It is a source of spiritual inspiration and cultural expression. Music has an all encompassive influence over us, irrespective of age and sex. Man is made both body and mind. Food can only satisfy the hunger of the body and not of mind. Music is that fine- art which stands out to be the most potent among all other means to satisfactorily quench the thirst of mind. It is the constant companion of man from the misty days of human civilization.  At every phase of human life – be it of woe or of joy, music is the constant companion of man.
Singing or listening to music while working helps to create a positive mood which in turn makes one more productive. Not only that it is so powerful that it can make one reach to the top of snowy mountain or the bottom of sea or feel God through heart touching melodious music. Swarolipi shows the music lovers the path and the way of satisfying themselves with this spiritual sound by making new musical talents. For the last twenty years we have been preparing students of different age from the basic up to the advance level so that their performance can be presentable and satisfactory to audience. Mrs. Soma Mukherjee provides personal as well as batch-wise guidance in music to all the students who desire to know not only vocal Classical but also the varied streams of Bengali music and relish in the essence of it. Moreover she also  provides online music class through "Skype" to the interested students living abroad. Swarolipi is such a musical institution through which Mrs. Soma Mukherjee provides a tireless effort in making new music talents of all variety to spread the message of music from Bengal to everywhere.


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